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Custom Amp Builds
Vacuum Tubes

How about something built just for you, one that does not run off an assembly line of thousands, but built by a keen electronics engineer; someone who doesn't just follow a layout blindly, but has the inside advantage to building a better amp given that he has spent endless hours servicing broken ones?


I've been building Dumble clones and other amps for a while now and enjoy doing it. I also have my idea about how amps can be better made. 

Blown amp needing a fix ? Or maybe just a routine service/maintenance to your beloved hifi? Require reasonable turnaround times that don't mess with your gigging schedule ? How about an informative report of work done and also proposals of alternative solutions so that you can make educated decisions and have confidence that what you pay is what you get (and more)?


Whether an old vintage guitar amp, a modern hi-end audiophile amp, or some indispensible tube gear in your studio, they all mean something to the owner and need some TLC once in a while!  

How about using whatever amp you have and modifying it to your expectations. Or maybe update that old amp with better components? Sure you can't make a Fender Champ become an Ampeg SVT, but definitely they can be improved and make life a little bit more pleasant! 

Tubes are the central component of a tube amplifier. The reason why so many enthusiasts use tube gear is because of their sweet sound and acknowledged tube characteristics. 


Here's the million dollar question: So why do people buy a tube amp and cheap out on the tubes? 


Guys, get your gear tubed up properly and experience the tone that the amp designers originally had in mind!

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